Indulging into the Beauty of Kafiliw Twin Falls in Lias , Barlig, Mt. Province

Hidden amidst dense jungles of diverse flora and fauna, between the edges of scenic mountain ridges is a natural wonder waiting to be unveiled. Such is its remoteness that only few daring adventurers and hunters are able to glimpse on its uncounted beauty. Yet, with proper interventions from the local government units (LGUs) to develop the site as a tourism area, every prying eyes would now be able to savor the bedazzling sight of Kafiliw Twin Falls of Lias in Barlig.

Kafiliw Twin Falls is truly a beauty to behold. It is named as such because it emanates from two separate creeks and cascade together to form a uniquely spectacular display of water, hence, given the name “twin falls.”

Trail along Paradise

To get to the falls, one has to endure a long trek of some six to seven hours. However, since the trail to be used is that of hunters along thick shading of forests and jungles, one would have to wear protective clothing and boots. This would also help in warding off leeches locally known as matak.

The starting point is the community proper of Lias, following the Tanudan River up to the point where it meets with the Kafiliw brook. That takes some three to four hours of walk. From that meeting point, one follows the brook for another two to three hours. There are no permanent paths here, thus, the trek is even more challenging and difficult to conquer. One has to literally jump across boulders, trail along steep and rocky cliffs, wade across pools, and cut through jungles.

The difficulty along the way is offset by the sights of wild plants and orchids thriving all along plus the crystal-clear waters of the brook teeming with endemic marine species like Kachews (finger-size fish) and toads. There are also numerous creeks feeding the brook. The whistling birds of various species coupled with the rustling trees and the chilly blow of the wind provide natural music to the ears.

Window to Kafiliw Twin Falls

After a long and arduous trek, one would reach two separate tributaries of the brook. One would have to take the left side to get to the Twin Falls where tougher challenge would confront one. This, as dangling branches and vines, often with thorns and razor-sharp leaf blades along with small rapids, would brace one before he finally gets to see the full view of the Kafiliw Twin Falls.


The difficulty in getting there is finally turned into superb amazement and jaw-dropping awe as one gets to see such spectacular waterfall cascading for some 90 feet. This makes it twice higher than the Karanag Falls, which is perhaps, the most popular falls in Lias as its just some 10 to 15 minutes away from the community.

Like crystal-clear drizzles falling from the heavens, the Kafiliw Twin Falls cascades to a small and shallow pool, reaching only up to 3 to 5 feet. As it gently descends, it generates a hushing sound that are truly caressing to the ear. It also exudes fine mists, creating a chilly and windy atmosphere. What a sight to behold.

Since the water level is not that strong, one could stand on a rock where the fall gushes down ala shower. Like ripples of tiny glaciers stroking the body, the water is cold and refreshing, providing a perfect touch just after the long and tiring journey.One would also be mesmerized by the verdant vegetation all around, consisting of shrubs and mosses swaying with the breeze of the falls.

More Falls Nearby

Apart from the Twin Falls, there are other falls nearby, though not as high, but with their own distinct features and attributes to offer. Going to the right tributary, one would eventually come into sight with the first drop cascading sideward and creating a rumbling sound as it crashes with a crag. It is about 30 feet high.

Sokok Waterfall.

Going over that waterfalls and following the brook for some few minutes, one would get to see another twin fall called Sokok Waterfall but is much lower than the previous Twin Fall. It cascades on a massive boulder making it impossible to further follow the brook upstream unless, you climb along an adjacent mountain ridge. What makes this waterfall unique is that it has a small cave where one can pose for photographs alongside the two cascading falls. When sunlight penetrates the fall, a small rainbow would often appear, creating a marvelous and captivating sight.

Who would have thought that amidst this modernizing landscape we dwell in, there remains an Edenic abode waiting to be discovered. A land so vast and shrouded with unspoiled tropical forests, and drained with numerous brooks, creeks, and a mighty river flowing through. A land teeming with endemic species such as deer, warty pigs, eagles, monkeys. A land replete with historic stories of heroism, of mystical tales and fantasies rooted from its natural wonders of which the Kafiliw Falls is truly a part of. Come and indulge into this humble and tranquil abode as you would be embraced by the beauty of Kabunian’s grace and creations.


Getting to Know More about Lias

Lias a tribal community occupying the northern portion of the municipality of Barlig in Mountain Province. With an ancestral domain covering more than 14, 000 hectares, its the largest in terms of land area in the said municipality. More than 80% of these are covered in mossy, pine, and dipterocarp forests which are home to a wide array of wildlife species such as monkeys, deer, monitor lizards, and the critically-endangered Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle.

Lias compose of two barangays namely Lias Silangan and Lias Kanluran with a combined population of more or less a thousand. They are officially identified as Balangao Tribe, however, they prefer to be called Lias Tribe because of their distinct culture and historical roots.

Getting to Lias:

Bontoc to Lias>>> Departure from Bontoc going to Lias is 2:00 pm. The jeepney heading to Lias is stationed along the All Saints Cathedral.

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  1. Spectacular..
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  2. I want to go there while my knee can still manage to trek..😆 anyone who wants to join me early next year? I want to.see Sayang too..


    1. That would be great tita:) I think we have young kailiyans who are willing to tour you there so long as the weather is favorable…on my case ksi, I will be going this first week of January hehe


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