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Today, blogs and websites are among the most efficient and effective ways of promotion/marketing. May it be a product, a service, an activity, or other matters which need public attention, blogs are a viable option. And this usually comes at a lesser expense compared to traditional platforms like newspapers, radio, or television.

Why Advertise Here?

Daniel’s Eco-Travels is a start-up blog. Yet, it has consistently gained significant views and engagement in just a short span of time. Every month, the blog gains more than 12, 000 readers. And the number is increasing.

Thus, I can boldly claim that posting your advertisements here would significantly boost your online presence.

Preferred Ads

This blog is more of meaningful records but an advocacy platform as well. That is why, we prefer to accept advertisements here which are helpful for the environment, local culture, and, community development. Specifically, these are the following:

  1. Promotion of ecotourism spots (both in the LGU level or regional and national officer).
  2. Promotion of local enterprises, organizations, and their products (Ex. Sagada Weavers Association).
  3. Awareness-raising campaign on environmental, cultural, and social causes.
  4. Announcement on upcoming events related to cultural and environmental preservation (Ex. Lang-ay Festival of Mountain Province).
  5. Promotion of advocacy-related activities of local government units (LGUs) and non-government organizations.
  6. Advocacy-related announcements or awareness-raising campaigns of educational institutions, businesses, and individuals.

You can add more to the list so long as it is aligned with the above criteria.

How Much would it Take to Advertise Here?

Specifications for this will be discussed through email.

If you are interested to advertise at Daniel’s Eco-Travels, email us at or message us on our Facebook Page. You may also notify us through the comment section below. Thanks and looking forward for meaningful and helpful endeavors with you.

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  1. Sir I like your videos and adventures especially in Mt.Province .. May I please ask for Mt.Tungil’s pics 🙂


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