Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Benguet 2019

What are the must-see Benguet tourist spots? Benguet is home to Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. However, there is more to that. The vast and diverse natural landscapes of Benguet host some of the most scenic and fascinating sights in the country. I have created the following list of tourist spots in […]

Bakun Benguet (Travel Guide): How to Get There, What to See

What are the must-see tourist spots in Bakun, Benguet? Benguet continues to seize the interest of adventurers, hikers, or mountaineers. One of its municipalities which are gaining popularity lately is Bakun. Bakun, Benguet is one of the farthest and remotest to reach. Yet, that is no excuse for avid travelers and tourists who willfully ride […]

Exploring Binanga Falls and Payogpog Falls of Shilan, La Trinidad

La Trinidad in Benguet is more than just home to the famous strawberry farms or the artistically-designed Stobosa. Unknown to many, it is also home to cascading waterfalls, hidden on its remote outskirts. Some of these are Binanga Falls and Payogpog Falls, located at barangay Shilan. Once properly managed and marketed, these falls can significantly […]

La Trinidad Benguet (Your Complete DIY Travel Guide)

Here is your complete travel guide to the tourist spots in La Trinidad, Benguet! La Trinidad is now a growing ecotourism destination. Its banner slogan, “Valley of Colors,” speaks truly of the different tourist spots to see and experience there. From breathtaking mountain views, beautiful farms, and colorful occasions, La Trinidad offers a varied set […]

Aran Cave in Tuba, Benguet (Your Complete DIY Travel Guide)

If you are visiting Baguio City or Benguet and would like to experience and see something new, why not try Aran Cave of Tuba? It is just an hour of ride away from the city proper. Definitely, conquering this cave would leave you lasting memories of the mountains. Fortunately, I and my siblings had the […]

Relishing Asin Hot Spring and Tuel River of Tublay

Tublay is now a growing ecotourism hub in Benguet. Recently, Gina Lopez, former DENR Secretary, has been visiting the municipality to help in developing ecotourism projects. Such initiatives will be a big help in uplifting the local communities while promoting the conservation of the natural wonders of Tublay. One of the locally-popular destinations in Tublay […]