Mountain Province

Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Mountain Province 2019

Mountain Province brands itself as the only province in the entire country with an English name. But there is more to that. Along with its rather peculiar name, Mountain Province offers unique destinations worthy of appreciation and further exploration. There is so much to see and experience here that a thick book is needed to […]

Tadian, Mountain Province (Travel Guide): How to Get there, What to See

Tadian in Mountain Province remains lesser known when it comes to tourism. Unknown to many, however, Tadian hosts numerous natural spectacles and authentic cultural offering. From cascading waterfalls, scenic mountains views, healing springs, serene lakes to mystic caves, Tadian deserves a spot in the growing ecotourism world. As a backgrounder, the term “Tadian” is derived […]

Behold Humuyyo Falls of Talubin (Bontoc)

Talubin is one of the least known barangays of Bontoc. Though it lies on a crossroad leading to Banaue, Ifugao and the eastern municipalities of Mountain Province, it doesn’t ring much tourism fuss compared to Sagada. But what most people don’t know, Talubin hides natural spectacles worth exploring. Among these is the majestic Humuyyo Falls. […]

Mt Binaratan: The Silent Mountain of Maducayan

Mt Binaratan or Mt Vinaratan stands mightily and majestically, guarding the peaceful village of Maducayan in Natonin, Mountain Province. It may not be the highest of mountains. But certainly, it has its own unique features and surprises to offer. Assaulting its summit would definitely leave one feeling blissful and accomplished. … …             Soaring to […]

Lake Tufub: the Hidden Wonder of Barlig

Barlig’s forest-covered landscape is full of hidden and pristine wonders. After all, it is Mountain Province’s, “Last Ecological Frontier.” From cascading waterfalls, towering peaks, rock formations, mossy forests to crystal-clear brooks and rivers, Barlig simply comes with a lot of untold surprises. There is also an extinct volcano in Barlig called Mt. Puguis. However, that […]

Kadaclan (Barlig): Shangrila on the Edge

It was one morning when the beaming light and early chill awakened me. As I stared out my window, the sun’s glaring rays slowly peer and reveal the mountainous scene of this rustic village called Kadaclan. Kadaclan is one of the few places left in the country where thriving nature and rich culture still intertwine. […]