Mt. Kalugong (Your Complete DIY Travel Guide)

Mt Kalugong Eco-Park is a must-see tourist spot in La Trinidad, Benguet. This is not your typical getaway though. Expect to be immersed with nature and have a soul-relieving experience. While atop, you’ll catch sight of fascinating limestone rock formations, luxuriant forests, and a bird’s eye view of La Trinidad valley.

For the second time, I decided to visit Mt Kalugong alone. I simply wanted to unwind and commune myself with nature. Fortunately, Mt Kalugong is very much accessible from the town center.

Mt. Kalugong is named as such because it resembles the shape of a hat. “Kalugong” means hat in the local term.

  • Major Jump-Off: Barangay Cruz, La Trinidad
  • Alternate Jump-off: Barangay Tawang, La Trinidad
  • Difficulty: Minor Climb, Paved Trail
  • Time Required: 20-30 minutes
  • Special Features: Pine forests, Views of La Trinidad, Limestone Formations, Mt Kalugong sunrise

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How to Get to Mt Kalugong from Baguio

Here are two ways you can get to Mt Kalugong from Baguio City.

Option I

Jeep to Mt. Kalugong. If you are coming from Baguio City, ride a jeep bound to Camp Dangwa or Upper/Lower Tomay. Regular fare is 12 pesos.

Don’t forget to tell the driver to drop you along the road going up to Mt. Kalugong. This is located in Barangay Cruz, just beside the Benguet Memorial Service.

From this point, walk on paved road all the way to the summit of Mt. Kalugong. That takes more or less 20-30 minutes.

If you are not sure where you are heading, just ask the locals there for direction. Feeling thirsty or hungry? No worries, there are stores along the trail.

Option II

Ride a taxi that will take you straight near the summit. From Baguio City, the fare should be around Php 200 to Php 250.

Upon reaching Mt Kalugong Eco-Park, proceed to the registration booth. There, you will pay an entrance fee of 100 pesos per person. For this amount, you can have a whole day of fun and exploration around Mt Kalugong.

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Photo Courtesy of Ms Gretchen Mangahas.

What to See at Mt Kalugong

There’s just a lot of interesting sights to see at Mt Kalugong Eco-Park.

First, we have patches of luxuriant pine stands. These give the place a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. From time to time, different birds hover around and create natural music to the ear.

I consider myself lucky to have witnessed a swarm of bees pollinating a flowering shrub during my visit.

Various limestone rock formations can also be found. Some of these formations lie on the edge of a mountain, back-dropped by a panoramic view of La Trinidad valley. Here, you can also view Mt. Yangbew, Santo Tomas, Mt. Pokgong in Tublay, and parts of Baguio City.

Similar to the famous Marag Limestone of Apayao, Mt Kalugong’s limestone formations offer an opportunity for rock climbing. Again, take extra caution. Any reckless move can result in injury and heaven knows what else.

If you happen to be atop Mt Kalugong during the early morning, you can often glimpse of a stunning sunrise. For me, it’s best to come here during such a period. Oh yes, you can also find native dwellings. No wonder, it is called an eco-cultural destination.

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Picnic tables atop Mt. Kalugong in La Trinidad, Benguet.
Picnic tables atop Mt. Kalugong.
Traditional dwellings can be seen atop Mt. Kalugong.
Traditional dwellings can be seen atop Mt. Kalugong.
Limestone rock formations atop Mt. Kalugong.
Limestone rock formations atop Mt. Kalugong.
Pine forests as viewed from Mt. Kalugong.
Pine forests as viewed from Mt. Kalugong.
Partial view of La Trinidad as seen from Mt. Kalugong.
Partial view of La Trinidad as seen from Mt. Kalugong.

What else to do?

Aside from sightseeing, picnic and camping can also be done at Mt Kalugong Eco-Park.

For those who like to spend the night here, there are cabins worth 800-900 pesos for two persons. You can also set up a tent in a designated area. Fee per person is 250 pesos.

Meanwhile, there are several hammocks and swings you can try.

If you are feeling hungry, do check out Mt Kalugong Cafe / Kape-an which serves snacks, desserts, and brewed coffee. To get here, you need to trek along with shrubs and foliages. This is a perfect respite for folks yearning solitude and reflection.

Simply ask any of the mountain’s personnel around to provide you with directions. If not, you can request them to guide you.

The cafe sits along the edge of the mountain which also gives a panoramic view of La Trinidad town including notable sites such as Strawberry Farm, San Jose Church, and the Benguet State University. To sip coffee here while gazing at the remarkable view makes the experience exceedingly worth it.

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Tips and Reminders

  1. The best time to visit Mt Kalugong La Trinidad Benguet is during early morning and late afternoon to catch sight of spectacular sunrises and sunsets.
  2. There is no need for a guide. Exercise caution though when climbing the rock formations and only follow designated trails.
  3. Please don’t ever litter. Help protect Mt Kalugong by adhering to basic protocols. If you want, you can also pick up litters along the way.
  4. Bring your own food if you want to cut costs.
  5. Mt Kalugong opens by 6:00 am.

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