Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Ifugao 2019

Ifugao is world-renowned for its majestic Banaue Rice Terraces. These man-made structures signify the brilliant and ancient engineering skills of the Ifugao people. If connected from one end to another, these terraces can span halfway around the globe. But more than these earthen masterpieces, Ifugao also boasts of other eco-cultural wonders. In fact, the rice […]

Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Kalinga 2019

What are the top 20 must-see tourist spots in Kalinga 2019? Before that, let me share that Kalinga is both a land of legend and mystery. It depicts stories of struggles, unity, and peace. For centuries, the valiant I-Kalinga defended their land and water from corporate aggression. Their victory against the famous Chico River dam […]

Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Benguet 2019

Benguet is home to Baguio City, the Summer Capital of the Philippines. However, there is more to that. The vast and diverse natural landscapes of Benguet host some of the most scenic and fascinating sights in the country. I have created the following list of tourist spots in Benguet. Take note. Most of these are […]

Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Mountain Province 2019

Mountain Province brands itself as the only province in the entire country with an English name. But there is more to that. Along with its rather peculiar name, Mountain Province offers unique destinations worthy of appreciation and further exploration. From cascading waterfalls, mystic lakes, towering peaks, mossy forests, uncharted rivers, to sacred graves, hot springs, […]

Tadian, Mountain Province (Travel Guide): How to Get there, What to See

Tadian in Mountain Province remains lesser known when it comes to tourism. Unknown to many, however, Tadian hosts fascinating tourist spots. From cascading waterfalls, scenic mountains views, healing springs, serene lakes to mystic caves, Tadian deserves a spot in the growing ecotourism world. As a backgrounder, the term “Tadian” is derived from the Ilocano word, […]

Bakun Benguet (Travel Guide): How to Get There, What to See

Benguet continues to seize the interest of adventurers, hikers, or mountaineers. One of its municipalities which are gaining popularity lately is Bakun. Bakun, Benguet is one of the farthest and remotest to reach. Yet, that is no excuse for avid travelers and tourists who willfully ride the challenge just to glimpse of Bakun’s tourist spots. […]

Exploring Binanga Falls and Payogpog Falls of Shilan, La Trinidad

La Trinidad in Benguet is more than just home to the famous strawberry farms or the artistically-designed Stobosa. Unknown to many, it is also home to cascading waterfalls, hidden on its remote outskirts. Some of these are Binanga Falls and Payogpog Falls, located at barangay Shilan. Once properly managed and marketed, these falls can significantly […]

Top 10 Must-See Tourist Spots in La Trinidad, Benguet 2019

La Trinidad, Benguet is now a growing ecotourism destination. Its banner slogan, “Valley of Colors,” speaks true of the different tourist spots to see and experience there. From mountain sceneries, beautiful farms, and colorful occasions, La Trinidad really gives a varied set of ecotourism offering. As a backgrounder, La Trinidad is a major educational and […]

Bontoc Museum (A Practical Guide): How to Get there, What to See

Have you always wanted to experience the unique culture of Bontoc but tend to miss out local occasions such as Am-among Festival and Lang-ay Festival? Don’t fret. Anytime of the year, you can have a personal encounter of such. Simply visit the Bontoc Museum, within the town proper. On a personal note, the Bontoc Museum […]