Top 20 Must-See Tourist Spots in Mountain Province 2019

Mountain Province brands itself as the only province in the entire country with an English name. But there is more to that. Along with its rather peculiar name, Mountain Province offers unique destinations worthy of appreciation and further exploration. From cascading waterfalls, mystic lakes, towering peaks, mossy forests, uncharted rivers, to sacred graves, hot springs, […]

Tadian, Mountain Province (Travel Guide): How to Get there, What to See

Tadian in Mountain Province remains lesser known when it comes to tourism. Unknown to many, however, Tadian hosts fascinating tourist spots. From cascading waterfalls, scenic mountains views, healing springs, serene lakes to mystic caves, Tadian deserves a spot in the growing ecotourism world. As a backgrounder, the term “Tadian” is derived from the Ilocano word, […]

Top 10 Must-See Tourist Spots in La Trinidad, Benguet 2019

La Trinidad, Benguet is now a growing ecotourism destination. Its banner slogan, “Valley of Colors,” speaks true of the different tourist spots to see and experience there. From mountain sceneries, beautiful farms, and colorful occasions, La Trinidad really gives a varied set of ecotourism offering. As a backgrounder, La Trinidad is a major educational and […]

Aran Cave: The Hidden Gem of Tuba (Benguet)

If you are visiting Baguio City or Benguet and would like to experience and see something new, why not try Aran Cave of Tuba? It is just an hour of ride away from the city proper. Definitely, conquering this cave would leave you lasting memories of the mountains. Fortunately, I and my siblings had the […]