Belwang (Sadanga): Home of Angoten Cave and Fuwaas Falls

Sagada is the most popular tourist destination in Mountain Province. However, one barangay in the said province can also rival Sagada in terms of natural beauty. This is not to compare. But to tell you, that you do not have to endure the massive jams and endless queues during peak seasons in Sagada. This barangay […]

Bontoc (Mountain Province): Top 20 Must- See Tourist Spots

Here is your complete travel guide to the eco-tourist spots in Bontoc Mountain Province! When we talk about tourism in Mountain Province, Sagada would certainly come to mind first. The tourist spots in Bontoc town are often overlooked though it is the provincial capital. More often than not, tourists go to Bontoc for side tripping […]

Relishing Asin Hot Spring and Tuel River of Tublay

Tublay is now a growing ecotourism hub in Benguet. Recently, Gina Lopez, former DENR Secretary, has been visiting the municipality to help in developing ecotourism projects. Such initiatives will be a big help in uplifting the local communities while promoting the conservation of the natural wonders of Tublay. One of the locally-popular destinations in Tublay […]

Exploring the Hidden Gem of Bontoc: The Blue Lagoon

I used to think that Bontoc would not appeal much to tourism in Mountain Province. Hello? Who would even visit a crowded and urbanized center when everybody nowadays is looking for a rustic experience? But Blue Lagoon belies this. As I go on exploring Bontoc, my initial assumptions were completely shattered. Yes, it now comes […]

Bagong (Sablan): The Hamlet on the Foot of Mt. Pokgong

If you want a rustic memory somewhere near Baguio or La Trinidad, then Bagong, Sablan is definitely one of such. Nestled on the foot of the majestic Mt. Pokgong, it is a hamlet that belies the difficulties and challenges in getting there. Once there, fascination and thrill await. Bagong is one of the remotest barangays […]

20+ Must-See Barlig Tourist Spots (Your Complete DIY Travel Guide)

What are the must-see tourist spots in Barlig, Mountain Province? Barlig is known as the “Last Ecological Frontier of Mountain Province,” owing to its pristine forest cover which is hosts endangered species such as deer, wild pigs, monkeys, and the Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle. Barlig lags behind its neighboring municipalities such as Bontoc and Sagada when […]

Maducayan in Natonin, Mountain Province (Your Complete Travel Guide)

There are only a few remaining places in the country such as Maducayan, Natonin which host old growth, dipterocarp forests. The country’s once vast and pristine primary forests were mostly logged and mined just after World War II. Today, the remaining forests are becoming a come-on for eco-trekkers, adventurers, or nature lovers. If sustainably managed, […]

On the Rustic Trail of Badeo, Kibungan

Oh my Badeo! A rustic paradise of Kibungan indeed! These words formed in my mind as the first morning rays of the sun appeared and exposed the serene and verdant scenery of Badeo. Badeo has a population of more or less 900 people who belong to the Kankanaey tribe. Most of them are subsistence farmers […]