Maducayan in Natonin, Mountain Province (Your Complete Travel Guide)

There are only a few remaining places in the country such as Maducayan, Natonin which host old growth, dipterocarp forests. The country’s once vast and pristine primary forests were mostly logged and mined just after World War II. Today, the remaining forests are becoming a come-on for eco-trekkers, adventurers, or nature lovers. If sustainably managed, […]

On the Rustic Trail of Badeo, Kibungan

Oh my Badeo! A rustic paradise of Kibungan indeed! These words formed in my mind as the first morning rays of the sun appeared and exposed the serene and verdant scenery of Badeo. Badeo has a population of more or less 900 people who belong to the Kankanaey tribe. Most of them are subsistence farmers […]