Mountain Province Tourism

Siblaw Taraw: Mystic Lake of Barlig (Mountain Province)

Barlig is home to the majestic Mt. Amuyao, one of the highest peaks in the Philippines. But there is more to that. Being the last ecological frontier in Mountain Province, Barlig hides countless natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Siblaw Taraw is one among these. Siblaw Taraw is a mystic lake, covered in thick and […]

Mt Binaratan: The Silent Mountain of Maducayan/Dacalan

Entry Points: Maducayan in Natonin, Mt Province; Dacalan in Tanudan, Kalinga Time duration: 6-7 hours Elevation: 1, 800 MASL Special Features: Dipterocarp and Mossy Forests, Giant Almaciga Trees, Rich Wildlife Trail Difficulty: Depends on the hiker; On the average, 7/9 Mt Binaratan or Mt Vinaratan stands mightily and majestically, guarding the peaceful village of Maducayan […]

Lake Tufub: the Hidden Wonder of Barlig

Barlig’s forest-covered landscape is full of hidden and pristine wonders. After all, it is Mountain Province’s, “Last Ecological Frontier.” From cascading waterfalls, towering peaks, rock formations, mossy forests to crystal-clear brooks and rivers, Barlig simply comes with a lot of untold surprises. There is also an extinct volcano in Barlig called Mt. Puguis. However, that […]