Top 10 Must-See Tourist Spots in La Trinidad, Benguet 2019

La Trinidad, Benguet is now a growing ecotourism destination. Its banner slogan, “Valley of Colors,” speaks true of the different tourist spots to see and experience there. From mountain sceneries, beautiful farms, and colorful occasions, La Trinidad really gives a varied set of ecotourism offering.

As a backgrounder, La Trinidad is a major educational and commercial hub of Benguet. It also hosts the iconic provincial capitol of the said province. But then again, these are just an icing to what awaits you there. Anyways, here is a list of the top ten must-see tourist spots in La Trinidad. Most of these are relatively unpopular but certainly, they may capture your craving for exploration.

La Trinidad’s Tourist Spots:

1. Mt Yangbew, La Trinidad, Benguet

Overlooking the town of La Trinidad, Benguet, Mt. Yangbew continues to attract nature lovers, hikers, or adventurers. Hiking towards the peak is relatively easy. From the trailhead, it takes more or less 30 minutes to reach the top. Grasses and a few shrubs cover the rolling summit of this mountain. While atop, one can see the mountain ranges of Benguet including the famous Mt. Pulag of Kabayan and Mt Santo Tomas of Baguio. It is best to come here during early morning and late afternoon to chance on beautiful sunrises and sunsets respectively. Sea of clouds also occasionally appears. Entrance fee for local tourists is 30 pesos while international tourists are required to pay 50 pesos. To date, this is the main hiking tourist spot in La Trinidad.

Mt Yangbew

2. Benguet State University

Benguet State University is a premier educational institution in the whole of the Cordillera region. But aside from that, it offers diffrent come-ons which are slowly attracting the interests of tourists/visitors. BSU Marketing Center is one of these. It offers various kinds of locally-processed products such as jams, sweets, pickled fruits, honey, and many more. Organically-grown vegetables are also sold here. Other interesting spots in BSU are Shimamura Park, Oval, BSU Museum, and the Centennial Park. By the way, BSU is also suitable for jogging during early morning because of its fresh atmosphere.

Benguet State University in La Trinidad Benguet

3. Strawberry Farm, La Trinidad, Benguet

Strawberry Farm is perhaps the most famous tourist spot in La Trinidad, Benguet. In fact, it speaks for the tourism of the municipality. During weekends and holidays, throngs of tourists arrive. That is why, it is usually better to visit during weekdays. Here, one can pick fresh strawberries for a fee. Various vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli are also grown here. There are also numerous stalls selling locally-made souvenir items such as strawberry wines and jams. Strawberry ice cream are also available for sale.

Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad

4. Mt Kalugong, La Trinidad, Benguet

This mountain is adjacent to Mt. Yangbew. Its summit resembles the shape of a hat (local term for this is Kalugong). Pine trees also cover most of the summit. At the edge of it, there are limestone rock formations, reminiscent of those found in Mt. Yangbew. Here, you can have a view of La Trinidad valley. Since Mt. Kalugong is privately managed, you would need to pay for an entrance fee. There are also recreational amenities established, thus, it is a good spot for picnic or family gathering. Getting here is relatively easy since there is a road leading straight to the top. However, it is one steep climb. To date, this is one of the most popular tourist spots of La Trinidad, Benguet.

Mt Kalugong in La Trinidad Benguet
Sunrise view from Mt. Kalugong. //Photo by Olen Co 2015

5. Binanga Falls, La Trinidad, Benguet

Located at barangay  Shilan, this waterfall measures 15 feet high. It has carved a very deep pool, surrounded with bare rock cliffs. It is named as such because it resembles a pot (binanga). To get here, one needs to ride a garage at Shilan for 100 pesos towards the trailhead. From here, climb down a steep slope and pass by vegetable farms for about 15 minutes before finally reaching the falls. It has icy-cold waters, enough to soothe and harden the muscles after the arduous and downhill trek. This is a favorite picnic spot among the locals. Further downstream, there is a higher cascade called Dinengdeng falls.

Binanga Falls in La Trinidad Benguet

6. Payogpog Falls, La Trinidad, Benguet

This is also found on Shilan, just upstream of Binanga falls. Again, one needs to ride a garage from Shilan proper all the way to sitio Bito. From here, one then needs to hike for more or less an hour to reach the falls at sitio Sagpawe. You will be crossing a brook thrice and pass along vegetable farms. The falls measures 30 feet high and has a naturally-build catch basin.  Its waters are also icy-cold. The best time to come here is during the rainy months for one to witness the full magnificence of the falls.

Payaspas Falls in La Trinidad Benguet

7. Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center

This is considered as the most modern vegetable trading facility in the whole country. It was constructed to give local farmers a direct platform for selling their produce. Several big buildings are housed in the facility. There are also existing eateries/restaurants. Due to arising issues, however, it is not being used to capacity until today. From the Strawberry Farm, you can just walk for 15 to 20 minutes to get here.

Benguet Agri-Pinoy Trading Center

8. Lily of the Valley Organic Farms

This is one of the few accredited organic farms in La Trinidad Benguet. Here, you can experience picking your own fresh and organic vegetables for a fee. You can also experience do-it-yourself learning activities such as planting and weeding. It is located at barangay Puguis. A homestay here offers modest accomodation. They have special and organic culinary meals. This is also suited for camping and picnic.  

For more information and for reservation, kindly email them at  or contact them through:

Lily of the Valley Organic Farm in La Trinidad Benguet

9. Benguet Museum, La Trinidad, Benguet

One of the cultural tourist spots in La Trinidad, this will lead you into the vibrant culture of the I-Benguet. It showcases various pictures, artifacts, and materials, depicting the traditional practices and beliefs of Benguet’s different tribes. Located within the provincial capitol compound, admission here is free.

10. Mt Costa, La Trinidad, Benguet

This man-made tourist spot in La Trinidad features elegantly-designed gardens, inspired from the world’s best. It is located at Upper Lamtang, Puguis. Visiting Mt. Costa will leave you into a deep communion with nature. Its verdant vegetation and colorful offerings can easily relieve you from life’s daily hassles. The regular entrance fee is 350 pesos. For students, senior citizens and persons with disability (PWD), fee is 250 pesos.

Mt Costa in La Trinidad, Benguet
Photo taken from Mt Costa FB Page.

For your Information:

If you need further information that may help in setting up your itinerary to the tourist spots in La Trinidad Benguet, simply ask them on the comment section below. You can also message us on our facebook page namely, Daniel’s Eco-Travels. I will be more than glad and willing to answer them whenever I can:)

Disclaimer: This is a work in progress. You may help me come up with an updated version of this article by posting additional photos and information about other tourism spots in La Trinidad Benguet. Thank you very much.

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  1. Include the barangay name where to find Mt. Yangbew, Mt. Kalugong & the Strawberry farm, for tourist to locate more easier. It’s okay for the other attractions,its already included. Thnk u


    1. thank you maam for that suggestion:) perhaps, you could mention the barangays where these are located since I was not able to ask for these infos…thank you very much:)


  2. Hi! My kids and I were planning to visit those places in La trinidad Benguet. Can you please help me on our itinerary?


    1. sure maam Janette:) pero which specific places would you visit:) since you have kids, i would suggest that you first visit Mt Kalugong since its very fit for family activities…after that, you can proceed to Strawberry Farm and move on to BSU…if you still have time, you can catch sunrise at Mt Yangbew…


      1. Possible na Mt Kalugong then traverse to Yangbew?

        Our plan kasi is city tour on saturday and trekking on Sunday.

        Thanks for your immediate response.


        1. havent tried the traverse pero i think it would be possible…try asking the personnel at Mt Kalugong…there might a be a traverse trail from there going to the road leading to sitio Binat of Tawang…Binat is the jump-off point to Mt Yangbew…or if there is none, climb down to Cruz and ride a taxi to sitio Binat……hope that helps:)


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