Abra Province Tourist Spots

Abra is one of the provinces composing the Cordillera Administrative Region in Northern Philippines. The capital town is Bangued which sits along the mighty Abra River. It has 27 municipalities in all with 303 barangays. Although Abra has low-lying plains, most of it consists of towering mountain ranges. Mossy and pine forests cover much of these mountains. From these, rivers and streams emanate and feed the Abra River.

The locals speak Ilocano, Isneg, and Tinguian languages. They are also fluent in English and Filipino. But if you want to build rapport with them, you might want to slowly learn the local languages.

The province has a population of more than 241 160 as of 2015. Most of them composed of ethnic groups inhabiting the hinterlands. A significant portion of the population are migrants from the lowlands.

Unknown to many due to its remoteness, Abra deserves a spot in the ecotourism market. Its varied landscapes hide countless fascinating natural wonders. Cascading waterfalls, towering peaks, mossy forests, crystal-clear rivers and streams, caves, and lakes are just some of these.

Abra’s diverse people also showcase a rich culture inherited from their ancestors. Almost every municipality celebrates a cultural-based festival. You can join if you ever chance on one. Dance with locals. Sing native chants. Feast on traditional delicacies. Or listen to the stories of the elders.

There is so much to do and see in Abra indeed. It is your ultimate getaway for lifelong fun, thrill, and adventure. After all, Abra is a bastion of eco-cultural wonders.