About Daniel’s Eco-Travels

Tree Hugger. Mountain Climber. Jungle Explorer. Wild Swimmer. Nature Steward and Defender. Ecotourism Advocate.

I grew up climbing mountains, swimming rivers, chasing spectacular waterfalls, navigating unchartered trails, and exploring the dense forests of my home village Lias in Barlig, Mt. Province. Oh yeah, you can say I’m one heck of a beast. But don’t worry, I’m toothless. I just love venturing into the unknown, getting lost, and finding my way back again.

Young as I was, I began nursing appreciation and connection to the natural world. The trees were my refuge. The birds and deer were my joy. The rustic scenery was my instant relief from stress. Relevantly, I learned about the sad state of the environment at an early age. As I grew in maturity and awareness of this interconnectedness, I developed a strong urge to be an active steward and guardian of nature.

Growing from an indigenous community, I got immersed in the beautiful culture of my people. I got woven into its vast richness and authenticity. Thus, I always find myself lost whenever I get detached from my roots. That nostalgic feeling of tracing myself back always lingers.

Yes, I am a breed of a beautiful culture intertwined with pristine nature. Oh, I forgot to say, I am a proud Igorot. And so, I carry with me that lifelong instinct of being able to contribute something good to our culture and the land.

That is why I created Daniel’s Eco Travels to tell people how wonderful yet fragile the natural world is. Through my articles, photos, and reflection, it is my hope that people will be aware and understanding of not just beauty but also the plight of nature. In that way, they themselves will become champions of nature, humanity, and the future.

Like our Page namely, Daniel’s Eco-Travels.

I traveled to most parts of the Philippines and I’m an ace away to my first travels abroad. I’ve been into urban extremes, to the most popular cities in the Philippines, and got to experience what they have in store.

But what really keeps nudging my travel instinct are off-beaten and ecotourism destinations. Caves, waterfalls, dipterocarp forests, mountains, rivers, wildlife, cloud formations, limestone formations, mossy forests. These natural spectacles envelop me with such profound joy and meaning, that I get ultimately connected with my being and purpose.

This Travel Blog Aims to:

  1. Provide budget-friendly, and eco-friendly travel tips to fellow travelers.
  2. Develop and deepen my readers’ appreciation of the beauty of nature and lead them into a meaningful, and fun-filled encounter.
  3. Promote the preservation of local culture.
  4. Showcase the beauty of off-beaten destinations in the Philippines and beyond.
  5. Promote an eco-lifestyle through organic foods, eco-lodges, etc.
  6. Showcase local-based enterprises including their products and services.

ULTIMATELY, DANIEL’S ECO-TRAVELS seeks to promote environmental conservation and cultural integrity promotion while advocating for community-based and sustainable development.

Meet my Travel Buddies:

This blog would not have been possible without the constant support of these awesome people! They are my go-to whenever I get across alien terms and processes while working on this. Together, we aim to explore the world and create meaningful changes in our small little ways.

Neo Jay Garcia

Neo Jay Garcia is a freelance photographer, layout specialist, video editing geek, and a badass adventurer who can’t help but keep climbing mountains and navigating wild forests. He is the awesome shooter behind some of the most stunning pictures in this blog. Check out some of his stunning shots here: ABOVE RIDGE. And yes, we’ve been lost in the forests multiple times. Feel free to message him for top-notch collaborations, may it be graphics, video editing, documentary, etc.

Ricky Lacbongan

Ricky Lacbongan is a passionate lad who can’t complete a day without reading manga series. He’s a budding entrepreneur who loves to dabble in stocks. Believe me. We’ve been into extreme adventures that others may deem “dangerous.” But we’ve learned so much from these experiences.

Alladin Albino Bañez

Alladin Albino Bañez is an inspirational content writer who loves to share profound insights about his travel experiences. Get lost in his words and you’ll find yourself thinking about purpose or life. His travel blog themes beyond the superficial and transcends the existential.


  1. Hello, Daniel! I’m glad to have found this fresh page of yours! With the Cordilleras largely unfamiliar to us from the lowlands (I’m from Bulacan), this is a helpful reference to explore more the unfrequented places. I was searching for Sadanga travel references when I came across your posts. Thank you for sharing them!

  2. wow bro.. parang kahapon lng kinukwento mo one of your dreams is to be a blogger ..and now nice too see youre really done it bro …you’re passion on writing and environment ..happy for you bro..looking forward for more of your adventure …minsan sama mo ako hahahahha

  3. So proud of you Daniel
    Loved reading all your blogs. Looking forward for more of your career. Enjoy and take care always. God bless you every second of your life.

  4. Daniel's Eco-Travels

    thanks ate Myla:) i am ever grateful to you and others who are showing genuine and sustained support..thank you very much:)

  5. Extravagant blog!!
    You are more updated than anyone and eagerness to trek have achieved you more! Thanks to all your travel tips and mesmerizing detailed experience. A proud igorota here but had limited adventures not like yours. If you have time please visit my humble blog (https://lakwatserangigorota.wordpress.com/aboutlakwatserangigorota) and kindly suggest or correct if I have written anything wrong or maybe I express inaccurately. ^_^

    Helps a lot! God bless you more. #lakwatserangigorota

    • Daniel Maches

      thanks Shyra for such heartfelt remarks:) hope to have a chat over cup of coffee with you as we share our blogging and travel experiences:) would love to learn from you as well:)

  6. Hi there, Daniel! I am very glad that I found your blog! it will help me make a project that will feature these places. I want to know more about the places in ifugao but I don’t know how to reach you ;((((

  7. wow, imagining my self sorroumded with mossy forest, while the nature sings for me, dt kind of therapy is what im looking at.

  8. Hello, Daniel, finally, I saw your blog as I am starting my own. Thank you for giving me ideas! I will go through your posts once I have started mine. Buti nakapasyal ka ng madami before lockdown. The pictures look wonderful!

  9. Hi there,
    Just wanted to stop by and give my genuine feedback on your website. I enjoyed to read your content, I think it’s interesting and very well written. I’ve been on your website for an hour or possibly even longer and very loved it.


  10. Hello Kuya Daniel and Crew,
    Thank You so much sa mga Blogs mo. It really helped my studies hopefully, I can also use these information sa mga future travels ko. Hoping your doing well in this time of pandemic.
    God Bless,

  11. Hello There Daniel I wish we Can Collaborate regarding Business Proposals and other matter to be conducted . 😂

  12. Hi Daniel 😊 I was looking for enchanted falls in Northern Samar and so glad I came across your list at eco travels. Been around region 8 and interesting that you listed more forest & pristine waters to see!

    So happy to learn who you are, what you do with your fellow travelers. I am a late bloomer, hugging trees, learning and being one with nature at the start of my senior year! But one is never too old to learn what life really is!
    Keep it up! Kudos! Thank you for being a proud igorot! Mabuhay ka at mabuhay tayong lahat!

    • Daniel Maches

      Wow! Thank you so much for such heartfelt and inspiring remarks 🙂 We power on towards sustainability and hope for the future 🙂

  13. hi Daniel, i was reading your vlog & i was just mesmerized of those beautiful & unique adventures you have, while reading it looks like am walking through with you every step of your adventure, I was in awe of your experience & a granma(67) at this , I just wish i have your energy trekking those mountains, nevertheless keep going in your great adventure, God will surely bless you😇🙏

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  15. Nice review sa mga place na napuntahan mo.Hoping na mapuntahan ung mga place na napost mo din at gawa ng sariling video upload based sa mga reviews mo din since di ako magaling pg dating sa writing stories or reviews ng mga places atleast meron tong blog mo for ideas. thanks

  16. Pam Cabillo

    Hi Daniel just want to know if you can be our tour guide in Nov for our hike in Tanay rizal. Message me here phone #639369164601

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