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I grew up climbing mountains, swimming rivers, chasing spectacular waterfalls, and exploring dense forests of my home village Lias in Barlig, Mt. Province.

Thus, young as I was, I began nursing appreciation and connection to the natural world. The trees were my refuge. The birds and deer were my joy. The rustic scenery was my instant relief from stress. Relevantly, I learned about the sad state of the environment at an early age. As I then grew in maturity, I developed this strong urge to be an active steward and guardian of nature.

Growing from an indigenous community, I got immersed into the beautiful culture of my people. I got woven into its vast richness and authenticity. Thus, I always find myself lost whenever I get detached from my roots. That nostalgic feeling of tracing myself back always linger.

Yes, I am a breed of a beautiful culture intertwined with pristine nature. Oh, I forgot to say, I am a proud Igorot. And so, I carry with me that lifelong instinct of being able to contribute something good for our culture and the land.

That is why, I created Daniel’s Eco Travels to tell people how wonderful yet fragile the natural world is. Through my articles, photos, and reflection, it is my hope that people will be aware and understanding of not just beauty but also the plight of nature. In that way, they themselves will become champions of nature, humanity, and the future.

ADVOCACY BANNER: Help Save the Environment by being Responsible Travelers. Follow basic protocols like proper waste disposal. For a more Meaningful experience, you may give back to the community you are visiting. Choose to buy local products. Dine on local and healthy resto. Let us be travelers who care for the environment, the people, and their culture:)

This is the village where I was reared. This is where I got a ravishing picture of the wonderful planet God created for all of us. This is where I learned to be a steward and to be a champion of the greatest cause of our lifetime- Saving the Planet and our Future.
This is a partial view of the vast and pristine mossy forests of Lias, Barlig. As a child, this was my playground. I was a friend of the birds, deer, wild pigs, and snakes. The trees were my refuge from stress. Nature is my soul reliever. It was my connection to the heavenly realms. Like profound prayers, nature connected me with the Universal Source, the Ultimate Creator-God.

Like our Page namely, Daniel’s Eco-Travels.

I traveled to different places across the Philippines such as Davao, Palawan, Vigan, Banaue, Sagada, Baguio, Bicol, Leyte, Iloilo, Cebu, and many more.

But what really kept nudging my travel instinct are off-beaten destinations. Caves, waterfalls, dipterocarp forests, mountains, rivers, wildlife, cloud formations, limestone formations, mossy forests. These natural spectacles envelop me with such profound joy and meaning, that I get ultimately connected with my being and purpose anchored to God’s grand plans for me.

I love talking with the elders of my community. Through their stories, I delved deep into the historical and cultural fabrics of my community. Their stories inculcated and revitalized my commitment to be an active steward not just of the environment but our rich cultural heritage as well. Oh yes, I am a devout Catholic but am also an active practitioner of my culture. I believe that God speaks to us after all, in different ways.

I often join hunters in their expeditions. I live their life. Eat what they eat. Sleep on their quarters (not beds but caves or even trees). Except that I don’t hunt. I just observe their ways, listen to their stories, and share my own perspectives. I get to learn a lot from them. It is hunters who actually brought me to different fascinating places in my hometown. Oh, my dad was a hunter by the way. But he is also an active advocate of sustainability. Just as my hope to other hunters would be.

My Mission:

  1. To provide budget-friendly, and eco-friendly travel tips to fellow travelers.
  2. To develop and deepen my readers’ appreciation of the beauty of nature and lead them into a meaningful, and fun-filled encounter.
  3. To promote the preservation of local culture.
  4. To showcase the beauty of off-beaten destinations in the Philippines and beyond.
  5. To promote an eco-lifestyle through organic foods, eco-lodges, etc.
  6. To showcase local-based enterprises including their products and services.

ULTIMATELY, this blog seeks to promote environmental conservation and cultural integrity promotion while advocating for community-based and sustainable development.


  1. Hello, Daniel! I’m glad to have found this fresh page of yours! With the Cordilleras largely unfamiliar to us from the lowlands (I’m from Bulacan), this is a helpful reference to explore more the unfrequented places. I was searching for Sadanga travel references when I came across your posts. Thank you for sharing them!


    1. thank you very much po…hopefully, this blog will help you in your travels in our home region:)


  2. wow bro.. parang kahapon lng kinukwento mo one of your dreams is to be a blogger ..and now nice too see youre really done it bro …you’re passion on writing and environment ..happy for you bro..looking forward for more of your adventure …minsan sama mo ako hahahahha


    1. thanks bro:)


  3. So proud of you Daniel
    Loved reading all your blogs. Looking forward for more of your career. Enjoy and take care always. God bless you every second of your life.


  4. thanks ate Myla:) i am ever grateful to you and others who are showing genuine and sustained support..thank you very much:)


  5. Extravagant blog!!
    You are more updated than anyone and eagerness to trek have achieved you more! Thanks to all your travel tips and mesmerizing detailed experience. A proud igorota here but had limited adventures not like yours. If you have time please visit my humble blog (https://lakwatserangigorota.wordpress.com/aboutlakwatserangigorota) and kindly suggest or correct if I have written anything wrong or maybe I express inaccurately. ^_^

    Helps a lot! God bless you more. #lakwatserangigorota


    1. thanks Shyra for such heartfelt remarks:) hope to have a chat over cup of coffee with you as we share our blogging and travel experiences:) would love to learn from you as well:)


  6. Hi there, Daniel! I am very glad that I found your blog! it will help me make a project that will feature these places. I want to know more about the places in ifugao but I don’t know how to reach you ;((((


    1. Hi Kyle! I am very much interested to know more about your project and perhaps, we can collaborate on some areas. You may message me on our FB Page, Daniel’s Eco-Travel, then I’ll give you further contact details:)


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