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Here are ways you can collaborate with Daniel’s Eco-Travels.

I. Contribute Articles

We only accept blog posts that have not been published on other websites. That is to avoid duplicate issues and ensure that everything we publish here is optimized for search engines.

Submitted articles should cover the following topics:

  • tourist spots
  • festivals and other cultural events
  • religious attractions
  • hotels, and other accommodations
  • restaurants
  • travel itineraries
  • airlines
  • reviews for travel gears and gadgets.

Every article submitted should contain at least 1000-1500 words and be accompanied by at least five photos relevant to the topic. All photos contained should be original and should not contain any watermark. For non-original photos, properly cite the source.

For now, we don’t pay for guest posts. But we can help promote your online visibility by sharing your article on our social media accounts. You can also make use of your published article here in building your online portfolio.

If you have a website related to travel, we can link to you via your article. But we would also ask you to link back to us.

TIP: To boost your article’s chance of getting published, incorporate eco-friendly tips and practices. In other words, your article should not only promote tourist destinations but also encourage readers to become responsible tourists.

II. Media Partnerships

Daniel’s Eco-Travels is accepting media invitations to promote local to national tourist destinations, festivals, hotels, and other accommodations, tour packages, travel-related events, and organizations promoting responsible tourism.

In particular, I would love to work with local government units (LGUs), or non-government organizations (NGOs) in documenting eco-tourism destinations and at the same time, advocating for conservation.

III. Hire Me as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist!

I learned about Search Engine Optimization in 2018. At that time, I also started this blog. For weeks and months, I have scoured every platform and website to understand SEO. I also bought courses and applied my learnings to my posts right away.

Eventually, my blog started attracting organic views after just three months. It started with 100 views per day and after a year, it hit more than 1000 visits a day despite the fact, that I had less than a hundred articles at that time. Today, Daniel’s Eco-Travels is one of the fastest-growing travel blogs in the Philippines and Asia, attracting more than 2000-4000 hits a day.

Mind you. The daily view continues to grow as I build more content. That made me realize that even if you are just starting out, you can slowly gain significant traffic as long as SEO is properly done.

In early 2020, I got hired as the SEO Specialist of the New Media Services Philippines, an Australian-based company offering various online services. During my short stint there, I broadened my understanding of SEO and became familiarized with various premium tools such as SEMRUSH.

Although I’m now focused on building my online business, I do accept projects from time to time. So if you want me to boost your website’s visibility and increase leads, feel free to ask for a quote by messaging me at

Aside from SEO, I also offer the following services:

  • Content Writing for the following keywords:
    • Travel
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Online Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • ECommerce
    • Health especially on Natural/Alternative Healing
  • Basic WordPress Management
  • Website Creation via Siteground as Hosting
  • Blog Consultation
  • Web Design using Free WordPress Themes

IV. Hire me as an Eco-Tourism Consultant

With years of experience working in community development, especially in natural-rich areas, I have learned that ecotourism is one of the best strategies for boosting the local economy while preserving the environment.

You can hire me as a consultant to help you craft guidelines and policies to drive ecotourism in your area. I can also help in the documentation and marketing of key ecotourism sites.

Here are some of my engagements concerning ecotourism and environmental sustainability as a whole:

  • Information Officer II, Future Earth Philippines Program, National Research Council of the Philippines
  • Junior Researcher, Philippine Center for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Inc.
  • Information Officer I, Barlig Tourism Officer
  • Member, Technical Working Group, Provincial Tourism Officer of Mountain Province

In particular, I would like to work with local government units (LGUs), National Government Agencies (NGAs), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and tour operators involved in sustainable tourism.

Contact Details:

I am looking forward to collaborating with you:) Go on. Leave me a quote.

P.S. Want to know how I started my travel blog from scratch? Check out this article.

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