20+ Best Bukidnon Tourist Spot (UPDATED): Attractions

What is the best Bukidnon tourist spot? That depends on you. But in this article, we feature some of the top-rated attractions in the province worth exploring. Here we go.

Bukidnon is one of the landlocked provinces in the Philippines. It is now a growing ecotourism destination, owing to its pristine ecological wonders. Three of the top ten highest peaks in the Philippines are within the province, making it a mountaineering paradise.

Vast mossy and dipterocarp forests, home to endangered species, still cover vast swathes of Bukidnon. It is also known as the food basket of Mindanao because of its vast production of rice and corn. There’s so much to explore here indeed.

If you’re planning to visit Bukidnon, here are the destinations you should not miss.

Behold Bukidnon Tourist Spot

1. Mount Dulang-Dulang

Mount Dulang Dulang is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.
Image Source: ‎Gerald Jordan

Mount Dulang-Dulang is the second-highest mountain in the Philippines, rising to more than 2,938 meters above sea level. It boasts one of the country’s most impressive forests, such as enchanting mossy forests.

The indigenous people here consider it sacred. That’s why they always perform rituals and prayers before allowing visitors to trek it. It’s a way for them to appease the gods and ask them for blessings and protection throughout the hike.

Along the way, you’ll glimpse an incredible variety of flora and fauna. If you chance on the mighty Philippine Eagle hovering around, you’re one lucky hiker. It is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots. The local authorities, including many environmental groups, have been campaigning for the mountain’s preservation.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Bol-ogan, Brgy Songco, Lantapan
  • Trekking Time to Summit: 10 hours

2. Mindamora Falls/Limunsudan Falls

Mindamora Falls/Limunsudan Falls measures more than 870 feet high, making it one of the highest waterfalls in the Philippines. The first cascade alone is higher than the famous Pagsanjan Falls. It is a two-tier waterfall cascading on the face of dramatic cliffs.

The indigenous tribes living near the waterfalls consider it sacred, thus, protecting it from commercial exploitation. To reach the base of the falls, one needs to hike for two hours on dense forest trails. Enjoy the sceneries along the way so you can glimpse wildlife species like birds.

The trek may be exhausting but you can easily experience relief by bathing in the refreshing waters of Limunsudan Falls.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Dagunalan, Lantud, Talakag
  • Trekking Time: 1-2 hours

3. Mount Kitanglad

Mount Kitanglad is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.
Image Source: Euz Zue

If you’re up for another challenge after assaulting Mt Dulang-Dulang, you can proceed to Mt Kitanglad within the same mountain range. With a height of 2,899 meters above sea level, it is the fourth-highest peak in the Philippines.

The mountain also teams with endemic biodiversity, including the critically-endangered Philippine monkey-eating Eagle. It also has stunning mossy forests, a spectacular sunrise view, and an occasional sea of clouds.

From atop, you could also see the vast and rolling plains of Bukidnon and its neighboring provinces, including other mountain ranges.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Intavas, La Fortuna, Impasugong
  • Trekking Time: 10 hours

4. Kibalabog Falls

Kibalabog Falls is one of the least known Bukidnon tourist spots. But don’t let that fool you into visiting this majestic destination. It has multiple layers, making it one of the highest waterfalls in Bukidnon.

It is, however, recommended only to seasoned hikers. You’ll need to trail on dense forests and cross rivers to get here.

5. Lake Apo

Lake Apo is one of the tourist spots in Bukidnon.
Image Source: Kiko Mercs

Lake Apo is your ideal site for a family picnic, team building, and other recreational activities. You’ll surely love the enchanting and rustic view of the lake.

To best enjoy it, you can rent the floating cottage in the middle of the lake. The lake is around 24-hectares, surrounded by verdant mountains. It is one of the best tourist spots in Valencia, Bukidnon.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy. Guinoyoran, Valencia City
  • Entrance Fee: Php 30
  • Boat Rental Fee: Php 350
  • Things to Do: Bamboo rafting, Fishing, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Swimming, Horseback riding

6. Kapayawan Falls

Kapayawan Falls is one of the tourist spots in Bukidnon
Image Source: Waterfall Chasers Club Mindanao

Kapayawan Falls showcases multiple layers of waterfalls. You’ll get to see these when hiking to Kaanibungan Ridge. Each of the waterfalls has different features to offer. Surely, you’ll love the thrill of having to conquer all these in a day.

  • Location/Jump-off: Impasugong

7. Sumalsog Cave

If you’re fond of spelunking, then you should check out Sumalsog Cave. It is challenging to complete the activity as you need to conquer submerged parts and crawl on your belly to reach the other side.

Inside, you’ll find a lot of interesting rock formations. The cave is one of the emerging tourist spots in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Dalirig, Manolo Fortich

8. Bluewater Cave

Bluewater Cave is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.
Image Source: Day Off Adventours

Bluewater Cave is one of the emerging tourist spots in Bukidnon. It is known for its alluring turquoise water. Gazing at it, you might think that spirits and other unseen deities inhabit it. Its enchanting view is one that you should not miss out on. Plus, you’ll get to have an invigorating swim here.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy San Jose, Quezon

9. Lake Napalit

Image Source: BillyRex English

Lake Napalit is one of the cleanest freshwater bodies in the entire Mindanao. It is a 36-hectare tectonic lake with an estimated depth of 80 feet. It serves as a fishing ground for the Manobo tribe surrounding the area. If you have camping gear, you can have an overnight here.

It is one of the many beautiful places to visit in Bukidnon province.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Pigtauranan, Pangantucan
  • Entrance Fee: Php 20
  • Life Vest Rental: Php 20
  • Floating Cottages Rental: Php 150

10. Sagumata Falls

Image Source: Local Guides Connect

Dubbed as one of iconic Valencia, Bukidnon tourist spots, Sagumata Falls measures 30 feet high, and its raging waters carved a wide and deep pool. Some locals brave themselves to jump from the top of the falls towards the pool.

You’ll surely enjoy swimming here because of the crystal-clear and icy-cold waters. It’s a perfect respite from city life. Its waters emanate from pristine forests upstream, and visitors can hire a guide to guide them in exploring these unspoiled ecosystems.

There’s nothing like it sitting near the base of the waterfall while letting its mists offer a satisfying relief.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Lourdes, Valencia City

11. CEDAR Waterfalls

CEDAR Falls is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.
Image Source: TRAVELLaags

CEDAR Waterfalls is one of the best tourist spots in Bukidnon. Cascading for more than 30 meters, the waterfall spews mists that would surely blow you away. Trekking here will lead you into pristine rainforests.

12. Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park is one of the most popular Bukidnon tourist spots. It boasts of the longest dual zipline in entire Asia. The zipline has a soaring height of 4,700 feet, and while riding it, you’ll catch a bird’s eye view of the surrounding forests and mountains.

13. Monastery of Transfiguration

Image Source: Panimahawa Ridge

The Monastery of Transfiguration is known for its pyramid-like architecture. It is home to Benedictine Monks. It’s a perfect getaway for those who seek tranquility and spiritual connection. It also has a museum featuring religious icons and materials.

14. Panimahawa Ridge

Panimahawa Ridge is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.
Image Source: The Lost Boys PH

Panimahawa Ridge is one of the most frequented hiking tourist spots in Bukidnon. While at the summit, you’ll get a breathtaking view of the surrounding grassy landscapes. What people don’t know, however, is that these landscapes were formerly pristine forests lost to logging.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Impalutao, Impasug-ong

15. Mt. Kalatungan

Mount Kalatungan is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.
Image Source: @kimgailjavier via Outdoor is Life

Mt. Kalatungan is known for being one of the toughest mountains to climb in the Philippines. It boasts primeval forests that are home to the iconic Philippine Eagle and many other endangered species.

On the upper elevations, one can find enchanting mossy forests. Some hikers describe these as one of the most beautiful in the Philippines. Visitors to these mossy forests say that they have a unique spiritual experience navigating the forests with their bizarre formations.

Mt Kalatungan rises to more than 2,880 meters above sea level and is one of the favorite hiking tourist spots in Bukidnon. It’s also one of the top 10 highest mountains in the Philippines.

During good weather conditions, visitors can glimpse breathtaking sunrise or sunset and an occasional sea of clouds.

  • Entry Point: Brgy. Miarayon, Talakag
  • Exit point: Brgy. Mendis, Pangantucan
  • Trekking Time to Summit: 15 hours

16. Mt Capistrano

If you’re not yet ready to hike major peaks such as Mt Dulang-Dulang or Mt Kitanglad, try Mt Capistrano, which lies at the heart of Bukidnon. It towers to only 609.6 meters above sea level. It is known for its magnificent, steep, and rocky summit.

Even newbie hikers can assault the mountain. From atop, one can see the vast plains and towering ranges of Bukidnon. It’s now one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Binalbagan, Purok 9, Brgy Simaya, Malaybalay City
  • Trekking Time: 2.5 hours
  • Environmental Fee: Php 20
  • Guide Fee: Php 500 for 5 pax

17. Nasuli Spring

Image Source: Nasuli Spring Resort FB Page

Nasuli Spring is a freshwater lagoon with a depth of 15 feet. Lush forests surround the pool, making it an ideal site for nature immersion. Locals love swimming here because of the icy-cold and bluish waters. It is one of the off-beaten tourist spots in Malaybalay, Bukidnon.

Having a picnic here is one of the popular things to do with kids in Bukidnon province.

  • Location/Jump-off: Malaybalay City
  • Entrance Fee: Php 10

18. Center for Ecological Development & Recreation (CEDAR)

The Center for Ecological Development and Recreation (CEDAR) proudly showcases a sustainability model. It lies on a mountain slope that used to be denuded.

Now, lush forests cover the site. It is now a biological haven for scientists and researchers. Locals and tourists can come here to experience and explore nature’s beauty.

  • Location/Jump-off: Impasug-ong

19. Alalum Falls

Alalum Falls is one of the top Bukidnon tourist spots.
Image Source: Bukidnon Travels

Alalum Falls is one of the most visited tourist spots in Bukidnon. It measures more than 140 feet high, making it one of the highest falls in the province. It has a natural pool surrounded by lush vegetation. Alalum Falls can be seen along a local highway.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Kisolon, Sumilao

20. Bulaw Spring

Bulaw Spring has crystal-clear waters that will surely compel you to have an invigorating swim. Locals love coming here to have a picnic and simply enjoy the rustic scenery. It is one of the potential Bukidnon tourist spots.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy. San Isidro, Talakag

So there you have the best Bukidnon tourist spot. Feel free to share your experiences on this lovely province on the comment section below.

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