Top 22 Quirino Tourist Spots: Majestic falls, Rivers, Caves

Explore the different Quirino tourist spots, including waterfalls, mystical caves, steamy jungles, and crystal-clear rivers.

Quirino certainly captures the possibility of ecotourism, owing to its numerous untapped natural wonders. From dense forests, stunning waterfalls, and mystic lakes to scenic caves and healing hot springs, Quirino could make a top destination for nature lovers and adventurers.

Don’t miss out on these must-see Quirino province tourist spots if you’re planning to visit.

1. Pusuac Spring Park

Pusuac Spring Park features a mystic bubbling hot water measuring about a hectare. Secondary growth forests and ancient rock formations surround the site.

It takes 15 minutes of ride to get here from the town proper. Locals love coming here to enjoy its entrancing spring water and to hold a picnic or go fishing. This is one of the recognized ecological tourist spots in Diffun, Quirino.

  • Location/Jump-off: Barangay Rizal, Diffun
  • Travel Time: 15 minutes ride from town proper

2. Ganano Falls

Ganano Falls is one of the best Quirino tourist spot/attractions
Photo by: Edeltrudes Peredas

Ganano Falls is one of the rising tourist attractions in Quirino. With an astounding height of around 240 feet, the falls will easily captivate you upon seeing it.

Pristine rainforests surround the waterfall, and occasionally, you’ll catch sight of rare birds and other wildlife. It will take an hour of strenuous hiking to reach the spectacle. But that is nothing compared to the magnificent view of the waterfall. It’ll give you instant relief.

Enjoy the cold and rejuvenating showers of Ganano Falls.

  • Location/Jump-off: Baguio Village, Diffun
  • Trekking Time: 1 hour from the road

3. Battumbaket Falls

Photo by: louiluis of

Battumbaket falls has a majestic height of 200 feet cascading on a beautiful lagoon. It is one of the tributaries of the Ganano River. Visiting the falls will lead you to intro pristine rainforests that thrive with rich flora and fauna. This is one of the remotest tourist spots in Quirino province.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Don Mariano Perez, Diffun
  • Trekking Time: 1 hour

4. Susong Dalaga

Susong Dalaga is a mountain that resembles the shape of a breast, thus, given the name. One could have a panoramic view of the surrounding fields and the mighty Ganano River from the mountain.

Locals love coming here for picnicking and sightseeing. It is ten minutes of ride from the town center.

  • Location/Jump-off: Cabarroguis

5. Liwayway Caves

Liwayway Caves consist of 15 caves in all. You’ll discover stunning limestone rock formations if you enter one of these. The secondary forests surrounding the caves are also an added attraction.

Bats dwell in some of the caves, and you’ll also find an underground river. It is among the protected tourist spots in Quirino province.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Liwayway, Diffun
  • Travel Time: 20 minutes ride from town proper

6. Eden Hotspring

Located near the river, Eden Hotspring offers to healing and relieving bath. It is still underdeveloped though, due to a lack of local interventions and improvements.

According to officials, the hot spring connects with another hot spring located at the waterbed of the river.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Dibibi, Cabarroguis

7. Tucod Waterfalls

Photo by: Ginnamuluan Cabarroguis Quirino

Tucod waterfall is a multi-layered cascade with a naturally-built catchbasin. The cool and inviting waters make it a favorite picnic and swimming site of the locals.

  • Location/Jump-off: Cabarroguis

8. St. Lourdes Calvary

St. Lourdes Calvary reflects the people’s communal struggle and expression of faith. It features the station of the cross. It is one of the recognized religious tourist spots in Quirino.

9. Aglipay Caves and Campsite

Aglipay Cave contains around 37 chambers, but only eight have been developed for tourism. Dense forests surround the caves. You’ll find spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations inside these, including stunning columns.

This is a hidden Quirino tourist spot that warrants conservation efforts for the future generations to see.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Villa Venture, Aglipay

10. Pensal Falls

Photo by: Doc Tony Photography

Pensal Falls is one of the top Quirino province tourist spots/attractions. It has multiple layers with stunning pools that can make up for an invigorating swim.

The surrounding cliffs are also ideal for cliff jumping or diving toward the deep pool. It is an ideal escape for both locals and tourists, especially during the summer months. It is also a good spot for family picnics and even teambuilding activities.

  • Location/Jump-off: San Benigno, Aglipay
  • Trekking Time: 30 minutes

11. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls has five layers of beautiful cascades sliding from the rocky face of a mountain. Secondary forests give added beauty to the waterfalls. It’s a perfect place for those wanting to experience tranquility.

The falls also carved blue lagoons where visitors can take a plunge.

  • Location/Jump-off: San Leonardo, Aglipay

12. Addalam River Ecology Park

Addalam River is one of the important ecological tourist spots in Quirino, being the lifeblood of several communities. It serves as a source of irrigation water to vast lowland farms, supporting the livelihood of thousands.

The river emanates from both primary and secondary rainforest on the uplands. It is a favorite picnic and swimming site among the locals.

  • Location/Jump-off: Aglipay

14. Governor’s Rapids and Caves

Photo by: Governor’s Rapids FB Page

These are found along a stretch of the mighty Cagayan River which originates from the forested mountains of Nueva Ecija. Gigantic limestone rock formations enhance the beauty of these rapids.

This part of the river is also a recognized site for adventure kayaking, rafting, and boating. The river in itself is an attraction because it has crystal-clear waters. It is fast becoming a favorite destination among the locals not only because of its aesthetic beauty but because of the different activities.

  • Location/Jump-off: Maddela

15. Nagtipunan River

Photo by: Philippine Exotic Travel Destination

Nagtipunan River is the primary headwater of the mighty Cagayan River. The Hall of Fame Awardee of the Cleanest Inland Bodies of Water has been conferred.

The river emanates from pristine dipterocarp and mossy forests which are now threatened by logging and commercial agriculture.

The river also thrives with marine species sustaining the protein needs of local communities. Swimming, picnic, and whitewater rafting are potential activities here.

  • Location/Jump-off: Nagtipunan

16. Mactol Falls

Mactol falls is one of the tourist spots in Quirino province.
Photo by: Municipality of Nagtipunan

Mactol falls is one of the most pristine tourist spots in Nagtipunan, Quirino. It is one of the many eco-tourism spots that are spared from the impacts of mass tourism. It measures more than 50 meters high and cascades like drizzles from the heavens.

Mactol Falls carved a very deep pool with inviting waters coming from the dense forests. These forests thrive with flora and fauna species, many of which are endangered.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy San Pugo, Nagtipunan
  • Trekking Time: 10-15 minutes

17. Dagkan Lake

Daglan Lake is an elliptical-shaped lake located on a scenic mountain ridge. Boating, swimming, and sightseeing are potential activities here.

From its banks, expect amazement as you gaze its pristine beauty mirroring the blue sky. Aquatic fish species thrive here. It is a perfect getaway for those wanting nature immersion.

  • Location/Jump-off: Nagtipunan

18. Skeleton Cave

This cave is one of the recognized cultural tourist spots/attractions in Quirino. If you’re familiar with the burial caves in Sagada, that is similar to what you’ll find here. It served as the burial site of the Agta and Ilongot indigenous groups.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Sinabagan, Landingan

19. Tayguido Falls

Tayguido falls features three cascades off the face of a mountain thriving with flora and fauna species. It is one of the remotest tourist spots in Quirino; thus, it is recommended for extreme hikers and adventurers.

The trail may be challenging, but the falls’ sight gives instant relief.

20. Gawagan Caves

Want to gaze on Philippine bats? Gawagan Cave offers that. It is a sanctuary of endangered bats, thus, the local authorities also ensure the cave’s proper management.

The bats residing in these caves help in sustaining the surrounding forests as they help maintain a balanced ecosystem.

21. Apang Cave

Apang Cave is not only known for its beautiful rock formations but also for its historical value. During the late 1940s, the cave served as a hideout of Luis Taruc who founded the Hukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan (HMB). Apang Cave features three distinct chambers fronting the Cagayan River.

22. Landingan View Point

Landingan view point is one of the tourist spots in Quirino province.
Photo by: Michelle Jane R. Tadeo

Landingan View Point is one of the newest tourist spots in Quirino province. Here, catch a stunning view of the verdant mountains and blooming flowers. It’s best to come here during the early morning to get a mesmerizing view of the sunrise.

From here, one can also see the mighty Cagayan River snaking its way through the mountains. It is the largest river system in the country. The towering and lush mountains of the Sierra Madre are also added sights here.

  • Location/Jump-off: Landingan

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