15+ North Cotabato Tourist Spots (UPDATED): Best Places

Here is a comprehensive list of North Cotabato tourist spots you should not miss!

North Cotabato is sometimes thought of as a no-go zone for tourists due to wars and violence that took place years ago. But thanks to local efforts, peace is winning in the hearts of the people. As reconciliation among the different ethnic and religious groups progresses, North Cotabato now unravels its untold eco-cultural wonders.

In fact, the Department of Tourism is eyeing on North Cotabato as among the premium eco-tourism sites in the Philippines. Visiting the province will lead you into unchartered jungles teeming with wildlife, cascading waterfalls, imposing architecture, mighty rivers, towering peaks, and many more. It’s your ultimate getaway for thrill, fun, and adventure.

If you plan to visit, here are the best places to see in North Cotabato. Take note. Most of these are off-beaten, thus, ideal for those who prefer less touristy destinations.

Behold North Cotabato Tourist Spots

1. Asik-Asik Falls

Asik-asik falls is one of North Cotabato tourist spots
Photo by: Baby Cubero

Asik-Asik Falls is among the top Cotabato tourist spots. This breathtaking beauty lies in the slopes of Mt Ragang. What makes the falls unique is the fact that there is no river or stream above it.

One could just wonder where the waters are coming from. Asik-Asik falls cascades like a wide curtain amidst green foliage towards a flowing river.

Like heavenly drizzles, the falls has this effect of giving instant relief to people coming here. The highest of these falls is around 25 meters.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Dulao, Brgy Upper Dado, Alamada

2. Lake Agco

Lake Agco is one of North Cotabato tourist spots
Photo by: Lost Juan

Touted as the Eden of Kidapawan City, Lake Agco is a natural lake of boiling water pools surrounded with lush forests. It sits on elevation of 1,250 meters above sea level.

There are man-made pools nearby where you can enjoy thermal waters taken from the hot springs. Aside from sightseeing, a favorite activity here is mud-masking using mud taken from the lake.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Agko, Brgy Ilomavis, Kidapawan City
  • Entrance Fee: Php 25 for a day tour, Php 30 for overnight
  • Cottage Fees: Php 100 – Php 300

3. Daday Falls

Daday falls is one of North Cotabato tourist spots
Photo by: Cc Chyn Violet

With a towering height of more than 400 feet, Daday Falls is one of the highest cascades in Cotabato. It roars down the face of a massive cliff towards a deep pool.

Huge boulders surround the pool, giving it a dramatic view. Daday Falls pristine waters emanate from dense forests upstream. The river from the falls leads to Asik-Asik Falls.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Mimbalawag, Brgy Dado, Alamada
  • Trekking Time: 30-45 minutes
  • Entrance Fee: Php 30 per head

4. Lake Baranibud

Photo by: Azumie Dawin

Lake Baranibud is one of the least known Cotabato tourist spots. That’s because it lies deep in the remote forests that can only be accessed via hours of hiking. It is believed that the overflow of the lake feeds Daday Falls.

Trekking to the lake will lead you into old-growth rainforests, one of the last remaining in Mindanao.

  • Location/Jump-off: Alamada, North Cotabato

5. Kapati Falls

Kapati falls is one of North Cotabato tourist spots
Photo by: Aljun Lozano

Kapati Falls is one of the newly-discovered Cotabato tourist spots. Its raging waters carved a beautiful pool where you can plunge and have a rejuvenating swim.

Enjoy sitting in front of it as the caressing mists blow your worries away. It has this enchanting and healing effect.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Batongbasag, Brgy Sallab, Magpet
  • Operating Time: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Contact Number: 09462712005

6. Mt Apo

Photo by: Deson Cunado via Outdoor is Life

Standing at 2,956 meters above sea level, Mt Apo is the king of Philippine mountains. It also hosts the iconic yet critically-endangered Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle and other incredible wildlife species.

Trekking to the summit will lead you into steamy hot springs, mossy forests, a lakes, rivers, and steep trails. All these will make up for an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Mainit, Digos
  • Exit Point: Brgy Ilomavis, Kidapawan City
  • Trekking Time: 10-11 hours to the summit

7. Tamontaka Church

Photo by: Dennis V. Celestial

Although Cotabato City is predominantly Muslim, there is also a significant Catholic population. The historic Tamontaka Church serves as their worship place.

It was built in 1872 by the Spaniards and since then, has served as a symbol of the peaceful co-existence between the Muslims and Christians. In 2004, it was declared a National Historical Landmark.

  • Location/Jump-off: Cotabato City

8. Tausuvan Falls

Tausuvan falls is one of North Cotabato tourist spots
Photo by: I Love SOX PH, My Mindanao

Tausuvan Falls is among the most popular Cotabato tourist spots due to its accessibility and proximity. It has a height of around 30 meters with a beautiful catch basin.

The waters are icy-cold and crystal-clear to give you an invigorating experience. There have been some improvements made to ensure the convenience of visitors coming here.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Bangolanon, Magpet
  • Trekking Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Entrance Fee: Php 15 – Php 20
  • Cottage Fee: Php 200
  • Tent Camping: Php 50

9. Lake Venedo

Lake Venedo is one of North Cotabato tourist spots
Photo by: Jimy Castolero via Pinoy Mountaineer

You will pass by Lake Venedo when trekking to Mt Apo from Cotabato. It also offers an imposing view of the mountain. There are different local folklores about the lake.

According to the indigenous inhabitants, unseen deities and spirits inhabit the lake. Thus, a ritual is performed when visiting it to appease these spirits and prevent untoward incidents.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Mainit, Digos

10. Koong Campsite

Koong Campsite is the last campsite you’ll come across by when trekking to Mt Apo. After this, you’ll reach Lake Venedo. Koong Campsite is one of the most preserved Cotabato tourist spots.

Surrounded with untamed forests, you might have the chance to spot iconic wildlife species such as the Philippine Eagle when you come here.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Mainit, Digos

Other North Cotabato Tourist Spots

11. Sang-ngawan Falls

  • Location/Jump-off: Batasan-Biangan, Makilala

12. Liliongan Cave

  • Location/Jump-off: Liliongan, Carmen

13. Epol River

  • Location/Jump-off: Gambudes, Arakan

14. Sinapangan Falls

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Sinapangan, Libungan

15. Mt Akir-Akir

  • Location/Jump-off: Sinapangan, Libungan

For More Info on Cotabato Tourist Spots

If you need more information to help set up your itinerary to North Cotabato tourist spots, contact the provincial government via the following:

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