20+ Aurora Tourist Spot (UPDATED): Best Places to See

Here is a comprehensive list of the tourist spots in Aurora province including its laid-back destinations!

Aurora province occupies the easternmost part of Central Luzon. It is a tropical destination facing the vast Pacific ocean. The province is more popularly known for Baler, one of the surfing capital of the Philippines.

But there is more to Aurora’s powerful waves.

Today, Aurora emerges as one of the premium ecotourism destinations in the Philippines. Here, you’ll discover natural wonders which stood the test of times.

Cascading waterfalls. Uncharted mountains. Vast rainforests. Unspoiled beaches. Hidden coves. Stunning rock formations. Aurora province has almost all you could think of for an adventure of a lifetime.

If you’re a historical or cultural savvy, no worries. Aurora offers you centuries-old churches and ancient structures. You’ll never run out of options to explore here!

Without further ado, here are the must-see tourist attractions in Aurora province.

Behold Must-See Aurora Tourist Spot

1. Ditumabo Falls

Ditumabo Falls is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Also known as the Mother Falls, Ditumabo Falls is one of the most popular tourist spots in Aurora province.

With a height of more than 150 feet, Ditumabo Falls cascades on a deep and wide pool. Its waters are icy-cold and crystal-clear and can heal skin illness and colds. Pristine forests with flowering plants surround Ditumabo Falls.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy. Ditumabo, San Luis
  • Trekking Time: 30 minutes
  • Entrance Fee: Php 30 per person
  • Parking Fee: Php 30 per vehicle
  • Guide Fee: Php 200

2. Dicasalarin Cove

Dicasalarin Cove is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Dicasalarin Cove conjures images of beauty and mystery, located on a remote site. It is one of the off-beaten tourist spots in Aurora province. Aside from the sandy beaches, the verdant hills are a must-see here.

There is also a river with crystal-clear waters and thriving marine life. It’s one of the places to see in Aurora if you’re into less touristy destinations. It’s one of the best tourist spots in Baler, Aurora.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy. Zabali, Baler
  • Entrance Fee: Php 300, Php for Costa Pacifica Guests exclusive of a Php 50 parking fee

3. Banju Springs

Banju Springs feature naturally-terraced steps of overflowing spring water. Ferns and mosses decorate and surround the said springs.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Real, San Luis

4. Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Sabang Beach is one of the best places to surf in Aurora because of the strong waves. It is also a good spot to learn the sport. It boasts of blue waters and fine gray sands where you can just relax throughout the day. The food here is also an irresistible come-on.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy. Sabang, Baler
  • Entrance Fee: None

5. Baler Hanging Bridge

Baler Hanging Bridge is not just a connecting landmark but a popular viewpoint as well.

  • Location/Jump-off: Zabali Road, Baler

6. Museo De Baler

Museo de Baler is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Museo de Baler or Baler Museum is one of the historical tourist spots in Aurora province. It showcases the more than 400-year history of Aurora. Different artifacts, pictures, documents, and art pieces dating back to the Spanish times are displayed in the museum.

  • Location/Jump-off: Quezon St., Poblacion, Baler
  • Entrance Fee: Starts at Php 30
  • Operation Time: 8 am to 5 pm daily

7. Cunayan Falls

Cunayan Falls is one of the most accessible waterfalls in Aurora. It is just a hundred meters away from the dirt road. It cascades on the face of a cliff with lush vegetation towards a crystal-clear stream. The cold waters provide instant relief from the simmering midday heat.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Pimentel, San Luis

8. Cemento Beach and Reef

Cemento Beach boasts of white sands mixed with crushed corals and seashells. It is also a favorite surfing site for both locals and tourists. From October to February, waves can reach up to 14 feet high.

Coral reefs also abound, making it an ideal snorkeling site. It is a paradise for different aquatic species such as lobsters.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Cemento, Baler

9. Diguisit Rock Formation

Diguisit Rock Formation speaks of the stunning landscapes of Aurora. There is not just one but several outcrops of beautiful rock formations. These rocks survived centuries of powerful waves and weather effects.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy Zabali, Baler

10. Ermita Hill

Ermita Hill is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Ermite Hill offers a spectacular view of Baler Bay and Aniao islets, making it one of the top tourist spots in Aurora province. It is known for surviving a giant tsunami in 1735.

Hiking on the hill will lead you into lush rainforests. Here, you’ll discover rich flora and fauna species. So always be on the lookout when you hike here.

  • Location/Jump-off: Sitio Cemento, Brgy Zabali, Baler
  • Entrance Fee: Php 15
  • Parking Fee: Php 10 per vehicle

11. Baler Catholic Church

Baler Church is one of the historical tourist spots in Aurora province. Also known as San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish, the church signifies the resiliency of the Baler people.

Don’t miss out on the La Campana de Baler. It sits at the church’s bell tower and is said to be from the 17th century.

  • Location/Jump-off: Rizal Street, Poblacion, Baler
  • Daily Mass: Every 6 am

12. Ampere Beach

Ampere Beach is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Ampere Beach is known for its pebbled landscape plus stunning rock formations. One could just wonder how the massive rocks formed in solitary mode.

  • Location/Jump-off: Dipaculao
  • Entrance Fee: None

13. 600-Year Old Balete Tree/Millennium Tree

This Balete Tree is said to have been around for 600 years, sparking accounts of mystery and legends. Some locals say that unseen spirits or deities inhabit the tree including ghosts.

If you’re brave enough, you can climb or walk through the massive buttress of the tree.

  • Location/Jump-off: Brgy. Quirino, Mari Aurora
  • Entrance Fee: Php 15 per person, additional Php 10 if you want to go inside the tree
  • Parking Fee: Php 10 per person

14. Aurora Quezon House

Auora Quezon House is one of the oldest remaining structures in the province. It is the ancestral house of Aurora Aragon Quezon, the wife of the former Philippine President Manuel L. Quezon. Some steps away are Baler Museum and the Baler Church.

  • Location/Jump-off: Poblacion, Baler

15. Casapsapan Beach

Casapsapan Beach features extensive mangrove forests, beige-colored sands, and turquoise waters. It is a rustic paradise indeed, fit for backpackers and overnight campers. It is also ideal for budget travelers since the accommodations here are cheap.

  • Location/Jump-off: Casiguran

16. Dialang Falls

Dialang Falls is one of the least known tourist spots in Aurora province. But if you’re into rustic destinations, there’s just nothing like it here. Dialang Falls cascades for about 20 feet on a sparkling catch basin.

Dense forests of flowering orchids surround the waterfall. From time to time, you’ll catch sight of birds and other wildlife species here.

  • Location/Jump-off: Casiguran

17. Diagwan Beach

Diagwan Beach is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Diagwan Beach is one of the most preserved beaches in Aurora province. Because of its secluded location, few tourists come here. It boasts of a pebbled beach that is multi-colored. Verdant mountains give a stunning backdrop of the beach.

  • Location/Jump-off: San Ildefonso

18. Dinadiawan Beach

Dinadiawan Beach is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Dinadiawan Beach boasts of a long stretch of creamy white sands complementing the turquoise waters. Locals compare the beach to the white sands of Boracay and even travel bloggers say so.

  • Location/Jump-off: Dipaculao

19. Mount Mingan

Mount Mingan is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Mount Mingan is one of the best-hiking tourist spots in Aurora province and the entire country. It has one of the most untamed trails and only daring adventurers can make it to its summit. It takes days of a grueling hike to assault the mountain.

Mt. Mingan harbors rich biodiversity including the critically-endangered Philippine monkey-eating Eagle. Mossy forests dominate the upper elevations, home to different flora species.

  • Location/Jump-off: Dingalan
  • Barangay Fee: Php 50 per person

20. Bulawan Falls

Bulawan Falls is one of the tourist spots in Aurora province.

Bulawan Falls is one of the remotest tourist spots in Aurora province. Its waters come from the dense Sierra Madre forests. It has multiple layers. The highest cascade measures around 20 feet high.

It has a beautifully-carved pool where you can have an invigorating bath. Trekking to the falls will also lead you into the deep jungles where birds and other wildlife species dwell.

  • Location/Jump-off: Dinalungan
  • Entrance Fee: Adult – PHP 15, Children 6-12 years old – PHP 10
  • Rental Fee: Cottage – PHP 100 per day, Cottage Day and Night – PHP 200, Concrete Table (outside the cottage) – PHP 50 per day, Multiple Hall – PHP 300 per day

For Your Information

If you need more information to help set up your itinerary to the tourist spots in Aurora province, do contact the provincial tourism office via the following:

  • Contact Number:  0999 993 6874
  • Email: tourism_aurora@yahoo.com
  • Address: Provincial Tourism Building, Capitol Compound, Baler, Aurora
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